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So finally, GIRLS is completed. You can actually order the damn thing on our $$$$$$ page, which is our online store. You'll see that link above. Be aware that this is a pre-order. Yes, the masters have been sent off and we have an official release date of 12/12/12.

Do know that we'll more than likely be getting these things in our hands in late November. So yeah. We'll be selling these bastards early and if you put in an order in the store or were a part of KICKSTARTER, you'll getting them super early.

You should also know that we recorded a total of 13 songs. Thing is, we spread out the songs within 3 different releases. We're real brats that way.

So GIRLS will be out via 7" vinyl (6 songs, 1 exclusive track, 3 different colors), CD (10 tracks, 1 exclusive track) and Cassette Tape/Download (11 tracks, 2 exclusive tracks). Fancy huh? All extremely limited. Once these guys sell out, they're gone forever. Recording this thing was traumatic to the bone. We want to just see it disappear into the big dark black forever (once they've sold out, of course).

But damn, it was fun. This recording was the most collaborative thing we've ever done. We got a taste of that while recording SAVAGES and just ran with it this time. A lot of friends and family helped in the recording of this thing, and really in all aspects. They lent us their voices, instrumental talents, photography, design and well, even recording, mixing and mastering it. A total accomplishment all in all. And well, we're proud of this damn thing. A total labor of love that will lead you to our next album, coming sometime in 2013 if real life allows.

If you follow us on our Facebook page, then you've seen the teasers we've put up on youtube for GIRLS. A lot of work went into those, and we gotta thank our talented friend Caprice Castano for putting those together for us. To see what the hell we're talking about, check out -

You'll see what we've been up to and hear some songs. To hear more songs, you should probably hit up that Facebook account of ours. Some surprises should be popping up all the way until GIRLS is released to the world.

To see what songs we covered and what format has which songs, check out the RELEASES page above.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the support.