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We're finally recording our year in the making, Kickstarter funded covers EP, "GIRLS". Incase you haven't heard us blabbing about it on our Facebook page (or in person), it's a multi release covers EP of us pretty much ruining songs originally sang by female vocalists. Or at least, female vocalists who made the songs famous.

Anyway, we say "multi release" because although we are recording 9 songs for the full recording session, the GIRLS ep will actually be released in 3 different formats, each having their own tracklisting. So maybe like 5 songs for each version. Some songs will be on all 3 formats, but all 3 formats will have exclusive songs to that specific format. So if you want the whole recording session, you're going to have to go wild and buy 3 versions of it.

Make sense?

Here's the 3 versions.

Version 1) The 7" record with NO download. If you contributed to Kickstarter, you'd getting this bad boy along with a test pressing of the record (with an alternate, killer album cover/artwork). These will also be available to buy through our online store (not the test pressing though), at shows and other fine record retailers (both online and through brick and mortor shops).

Version 2) The CD version released by our very own label, The Pirate Record Company. It'll have a different tracklisting than the record, and the tape version listed below!

Version 3) The cassette tape version WITH a digital download. This will be released via Baldy Longhair Records, out of New Jersey and of course, will have a different tracklisting of songs compared to the cd and 7" record versions.

More details should be out soon. Album covers, test press covers, tracklistings and color formations. It's going to get nerdy around here.

So yeah. Going into Buzzbomb Recording Laboratories in t-minus 2 days to begin tracking. These are exciting times. As of now, no shows will be booked until this GIRLS thing is recorded and in the mail to the pressing plants. It's supposed to be a collaborative effort with our friends who are musicians so the collaboration part may get gnarly. We'll see how it goes. As of now, we're listening to these awful demos of the songs we recorded ourselves, along with the original versions of the songs, and coming up with ideas for more "sounds". Should blow minds!

On this here website, check out the "SHOWS / PAST SHOWS" section as that will be updated. Other than that and this that you're reading now, the site is the same.

The next time we update this site, we should have the preorder for GIRLS open along with some other great and exciting news!

Thanks for reading.


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We're almost done learning the GIRLS songs. 1 more to go, which we plan to knock out this weekend. Once that's down, we'll be scheduling studio time with the 5th Vulture, Mr. Paul Miner at his Buzzbomb Sound Labs and we'll get working on this GIRLS business recording wise. We're hoping to demo the songs with Paul, have our outside contributors who aren't in the band take a whack at adding parts, then once that's settled, actually recording the songs for their final versions. It's going to be a process.

For those who contributed to this project via Kickstarter, we know we're lagging hard. But it'll pay off. The songs are sounding better than expected and we're more than likely going to be sending you some free/extra shit you weren't counting on. Peace on Earth.

In the show section, you'll see a couple shows we have coming up. One with Night Birds and Toys That Kill in Pomona at the legendary VLHS and another in Long Beach with our east coast buddies Crazy And The Brains and The Disconnects (along with the awesome Cunt Sparrer). 2 killer shows. As always, we're going to keep the shows light (or try to) so we can finish this GIRLS thing and work on the new album.

For now, that's it. Be safe. Buy music.


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Hey friends. So 2011, the slowest year for our band is finally about to wrap up. Christmas is in a couple of days and we've survived the whirlwind of 2011. 2012 should be a bit more productive for the band, as we'll be writing our 2nd full length album and releasing the new Kickstarter funded 7" titled GIRLS (more on that later).

The new album is going to be interesting because we should be trying some new things sonically. Will we be the same band in sound? More than likely yes. You'll probably get a more drastic flavor of hardcore though. Think loud thumping cave man punk rock. Hardcore for adults if you will. And things are bound to be different as the band line-up is and will be completely different. Danny Baeza (is now playing drums) and Aaron Chabak (is now playing bass guitar) in the band.
We've already played live with this line-up and well, we smoke. It's a good fit and we're more than happy to have the guys join us in this war we won't win.

What happened to Josh and Colby (the other guys)? Well, Josh went ahead and started his own business. Offically, I'd say it's a markerting business. They help other businesses get things printed (promotional items, custom office supplies, etc). Also, Josh is getting married pretty soon now so life's going to be busy for him.

Although this band isn't a full time band and we honestly don't spend every waking hour thinking or working on the band, it does take up some time and some money to be in a band this size. So, it was time for Josh to bid us his farewell.

And as for Colby, he just got married and is in school and working. Pretty much the same thing. Time is precious (and money) and it was just his time to step away. The 2 we're sure will more than likely fill in someday in their respective spots (or record with us again in one capacity or another) but now as it stands, Vultures United is Richy Verdugo, Danny Baeza, Aaron Chabak and Jordan Salazar.

A little bit about the new guys: Danny actually drummed for one of the 1st bands Richy and Jordan were ever in, which was an early version of Vultures United called Grave For The Fireflies (they released a full length titled "Bitten" on Basement Records), which can be found in our online store for $5 (booyah!)
Danny also is the current drummer for Fiction Reform and is one of the first drummers for Bullet Treatment (you'll hear him on the stellar "What More Do You Want" album. Funny enough, before Grave For The Fireflies Danny actually was the drummer for Richy's first band Cut Shallow. Look that shit up! He's been in other bands but we're too lazy to write about them.

Aaron Chabak is normally a guitar player (he's playing bass with us for now) and currently plays guitar for Fiction Reform. He was also in some other bands (and played drums) but we don't remember which ones. Sorry Aaron.

Back to the new record: We're hoping to get it recorded over the summer with a release in November 2012. Right before the end of the world. Wouldn't that be great? It's going to be special for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately you won't find out specifically why until closer to the release date. BUT, to hear where we'll be headed in sound, you may want to checkout the GIRLS EP when it finally comes out. Hopefully that'll be out in the Summer.

We literally will be getting together as a band for the 2nd time to go over the songs and start constructing them. For those of you not in the know, GIRLS is going to be a 7"/Cassette/Digital release which was funded through people who like our band via Kickstarter. The album will also come out in retail stores but inititally, Kickstarter contributers will be getting it on different color variations and waaay earlier than the rest of the world. The EP will not feature any original songs by us. All are cover songs orginally performed by female singers. Should be interesting.

ONLINE STORE: Well, from August to December we had almost everything in the store for a whopping $5. Right now, all prices and inventory is 100% correct (everything's at regular price now). If you bought stuff from us (over the site or at shows), we thank you. We realize we're super low on designs and stock, so we'll be getting a couple t-shirts and probably a hoodie of some sort made in the near future.

Also, keep in mind that in October, for The Fest (10), Kiss Of Death Records released a new EP by us called TO LIVE AND DIE IN GAINESVILLE. We sold out of these suckers pretty fast but we just got some more on colored vinyl. The colors are Green, Aqua Green, Sky Blue, Purple and Moss Green. They're all pretty sweet looking. If you're interested, they're $5 each in the online store.

TOP 10's:

So, we asked eachother what our Top 10 favorite albums of the year were.

Here's what we all said:

Nothington "Borrowed Time" (Red Scare Industries)

Nothington "Borrowed Time" (Red Scare Industries)

Never answered but we're guessing Nothington "Borrowed Time" (Red Scare Industries) and 400 Blows "Sickness And Health" (Org Music)

*note Aaron and Danny only wanted Nothington on their lists. THAT'S NOT A MISTAKE.

Music nerd Jordan:
1. 400 Blows – Sickness & Health (Org Music)
2. Obits – Moody, Standard And Poor (Sub Pop Records)
3. Retox – Ugly Animals (Ipecac Recordings / Three One G)
4. Nothington – Borrowed Time (Red Scare Industries)
5. The Black Lips – Arabia Mountain (Vice Records)
6. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life (Matador Records)
7. Joyce Manor (6131 Records)
8. Ratasucia – White Noise Pollution (Asian Man Records)
9. Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto (Fat Wreck Chords)
10. Hunx & His Punx – Too Young To Be In Love (Hardly Art)
REGARDING SHOWS: We probably won't be playing shows until February or March. We'd like to get through this GIRLS record before it hits the 1 year anniversary of people contributing the money to us. So that is goal #1. We do want to play more out of town shows in the Summer though (or earlier). So keep your eyes peeled out for that.

That's it for now. We hope you all have a safe and happy new years and other holidays and thanks for supporting our little band. Be good to eachother.

Listen to:
Crazy & The Brains, Sharks, Post Teens, Young Governor, Omegas, The White Wires, Heavy Cream, Nothington, Summer Vacation, Peach Kelli Pop, Mountain Man, Ratasucia, Black God and Leather.


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Yes! Took 8 months to update this sucker. Maybe a Vultures United website record! Either way, really, there was nothing but shows to update you all on which if you're friends with us on Facebook (, you more than likely saw updates for anyway. So whatevs. We got a few emails on whether we're going to be on Google+. The answer is no, for now. If we could, we'd delete all of these social network accounts we have and just keep this sucker. But unfortunately, we're not the band Fucked Up and need all of the help we can get to spread the word because we're not big time like those dudes.

In other news, you'll see that the store has been set for a super sale, more than likely lasting until November. Every t-shirt and/or cd is set to be sold at $5 (rather than $10). So other than package deals and the SAVAGES LP (which we have very little of and once they're gone, they're gone forever), everything in the store is $5! That's a fucking deal children. The United States and other governments won't help you, but VULTURES UNITED will. And by help, we mean getting our shit to you cheaper.

Check out the SHOWS section as well. The PASSED SHOWS sections has been updated along with the UPCOMING SHOWS section. As you can see, we're keeping up the whole "not a lot of shows in 2011" theme. Which is fine by us. We're super busy and kinda old dudes now. So we're trying to get our lives straight by 1) getting married 2) having full time jobs and going to school 3) starting businesses. Intense shit, right?

We keep getting asked to play out of town/state/country and we want to do that. But it's not in the cards for 2011. The only time you'll catch us out of town this year will be at The Fest in Gainesville. It's the 10th and rumoured to be final Fest. Lots and lots of great bands playing. The thing is sold out so if you missed out, we're sorry. We're trying to get some "off Fest" shows lined up for our days off at houses and stuff. Maybe even a show in Orlando? It's too early to tell at the moment. For info on The Fest 10, check this out -

In RELEASES news, we have 2 coming out in 2011. One in October, the other probably sometime during the Winter/Fall 2011.

The October one is super secret and we can't talk about it at the moment. It's sweet though. The other one that's going to be in the Winter/Fall of 2011 is titled GIRLS. It's an EP of cover songs that were originally sang by female vocalists. Only you know, our versions will be fucked up sounding, loud and sang by a burly dude with a burly voice. What songs? We're not sure yet as we haven't even recorded or rehearsed songs for the release. There's an interesting story to this release. If you didn't know already, this release was funded by YOU, the person interested in our band. This was a experiment to try out that website Kickstarter. So, this 7" is put together with the people at Kickstarter and funded by friends, family and you guys (people with exceptionally good taste in punk/hardcore music). For more info on the project, lay your peepers on our Kickstarter page.

Funding has closed on it. So all of the special shit offered on Kickstarter is no longer available. The t-shirt we got designed for the project may have extras printed. But everything else, will not be available (a CDR of the 7", color vinyl choice, test presses etc). The release will be sold open to the public as a 7" via your favorite record store, through our site, Interpunk or wherever else you buy music from. Digitially, it looks like it won't be available on iTunes or Amazon, but we WILL be selling it as a cassette tape with a download which will be available from Baldy Long Hair Records (out of New Jersey). Totally punk, right?

Well, that looks like it's it. We'll be beginning to learn the covers for the GIRLS EP in about 2 weeks from today and hopefully record as soon as October. Be good friends. Listen to The Men, Best Coast, Iceage, Pissed Jeans, Wavves and Grinderman, okay?


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Happy New Year's friends. Just one more year on this rock, and we're totally fucked for eternity. Pretty awesome. Just counting down the days now, suckers. Mayans and Aztechs are cool.

So, we've been gone for a while. After we got back from Chicago (we played Riotfest's Red Oktober Fest, for those not paying attention), we decided to take a break into the new year. For one, playing around Southern California was kind of getting shithouse. Not much places to play and we had already played with all of the bands that mattered, so we thought we should disappear for a while. Also, most of us work full time and and go to school, so it's been tough getting out of town adventures together. So why not take a break?

It was actually a Vultures United first. At first we thought our myspace site was broken because it never had experienced us not having a show lined up. We soon found out that it wasn't broken, and that myspace has turned into a total pile of shit, as far as social websites go. Seriously? How do you fuck that up?

Anyway, this update is crucial because our last update took place in June, which was a long time ago. Not much has changed on our front. Us boys will all be getting together sometime this month (first time since late October) and we'll start getting the blood warm for some upcoming shows (late January possibly, definitely for February). We won't be posting said shows until shit is solid.

Oh, and the myspace site. We still have it for now ( and it's still sort of updated with info you need to know. But for comedy and social commentary (plus the said info on the myspace page), you might want to join the Facebook community as we're always on that sucker now and we tend to write tons of bullshit on our wall, all of the time. It's sort of great. We'd put up a link but we don't even have a proper URL for our Facebook page so just go on the sucker and search for us. We can't bother to learn the site because next thing we know, Friendster is going to be all of the rage, and all the fucking lemmings of the world will move onto that and our stupid band will have to set up yet another site. So it's all half assery from here on in as far as the social sites go.
What else....? Oh. Our online store is still open. We've got a newish t-shirt design you might want to look at and buy. It's a little tribute to the great Bad Brains and Disneyland.

On the tour front, nothing's really planned. We were toying with the idea of doing a 1 week East Coast run before Summer so that may be a possibility. As for new songs, we're not really going to start that business until Summer or later. As for now, some of us are working on other musical projects that you'll all hear about soon. Should get interesting.

Until then, look for us around Orange County. Shows are coming up. Party Marty's out of rehab. New all ages venues are doing well in the Inland Empire. Things are looking up. We have a wishlist of great bands around Southern California we want to play shows with and so, we're going to make it happen.

Is 2011 going to be our year? Probably not. But we're putting ourselves in place for 2012. We want to explode with the Earth.


PS: We updated the SHOWS section. Specifically, the past shows section. Look at it.


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We just updated the PRAISES/THREATS section with a nice little review from the always classy Big Wheel Online Magazine out of Southern California. Check that out when you get a minute. And by we, we mean our classy website ladyfriend, Ms. Kaytee Vota.

Also updated, is the SHOWS section. See what we got coming up. We'll be playing some really cool shows with labelmates The Sidekicks, along with other great bands like Teenage Bottlerocket, Black Fag, Cunt Sparrer, Banner Pilot, Bastards Of Young, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Breaker Breaker One Niner, The Bugs, Dropdead FM among others. This
Summer is looking to be pretty sweet.

We started off strong with weekend benders out in Las Vegas, Arizona, San Francisco and Stockton and boy, those shows were all definitely a success. Maybe we should be a full time band? Or....maybe not. We did witness a legit drive by in Stockton while going into a Food 4 Less to wash our hands because we were going to eat some Del Taco. Classy. We know!

Looks like we have some pretty solid plans for this Fall though. Ones involving us not playing in California some more, which is always nice. FESTivals of some kind is the hint. But here's the thing. There's more than one kind of festival we maybe be playing before year's end so keep your ears to the ground.

Also, we may have one more release up our sleeve before years end. It's so secret, most of the band doesn't even know about it! We'll be announcing details on that one too.

Plus: New merch is on the way. 2 new t-shirt designs that'll make you tight in the pants. Trust us. We'll let you know when those are available too. We want your money.

Until then, have fun in the sun, watch the World Cup and buy music.



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We waited way too long to update, but there's good reason.

Well today, April 13th, is the official release date of our debut full length "SAVAGES". So you know, we kind of had to get our shit together and get the site updated.

And to prove our scumbaggyness even more, we have the online store working again too, just in time for you all to buy shit.

The store's pretty much been down since January. In the past, you were able to access our store via our myspace page or through this website here. Apparently, myspace was doing something funny to the Paypal code and for whatever reason, the store stopped working. Total bummer.

But our genius store manager, and fierce guitar shredder back-up vocalist, Richy Verdugo figured it all out along with our webmaster genius Kaytee Vota, and now, shit is working like magic.

So yes. You can buy our new record on LP or CD directly through us at the store. We also have a SAVAGES bundle pack, DISCOGRAPHY bundle pack (with everything we've ever done included in that one), along with t-shirts and our older releases. If you do the math, the bundle packs are all money savers. Think about it.

We should probably mention that on our last news post for the website, we didn't have a record label to put SAVAGES out on. Well, soon after we posted that news bit, we signed with pop punk powerhouse label, Red Scare Industries. In our opinions, one of the best punk labels around right now. Seriously. Like, top 2 or 3 depending who you talk to in the band.

We should say we're proud to be on the label because we don't sound like we have any business being on a label with such stature. Their bands are classy, catchy and poppy. All of which we're not. So we're very proud to say we're incahoots with some important bands. Cobra Skulls (who recently signed to Fat Wreck Chords), The Menzingers (who's new album "Chamberlain Waits" comes out today, and is a killer), The Sidekicks (their album "Weight Of Air" was declared album of the year last year by Punknews), Sundowner, The Methadones, The Falcon, La Plebe, Druglords Of The Avenues, Lillingtons and past alumni, like the awesome Teenage Bottlerocket. They also just released a killer split cd by Brendan Kelly (of The Lawrence Arms) and Joe McMahon (of Smoke Or Fire).

We should also probably mention that Red Scare recently put out a tribute album for the much influential San Francisco punk band, Swingin' Utters. The tribute is called "Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters". We're actually on this tribute, and pretty much, it's the only place you'll get our cover of the awesome Utters song "To Return Now". There's a few surprises on the track you should definitely check out by the way. Other bands on the tribute we should mention are Off With Their Heads, Fucked Up, Teenage Bottlerocket, Street Dogs, Blag Dahlia & Druglords Of The Avenue, Cobra Skulls, Dropkick Murphys, Teen Idols, La Plebe plus tons more. 31 different bands doing Swingin' Utters classics. You can buy it at Interpunk or for only $8, you can get it from Red Scare direct (all of their cd's, even new releases are $8!)

Okay. Enough of the sales pitches. In other news, we promised ourselves that we would only stick to having this official website here and a myspace page. Well, we completely 100% lied. It lasted about 6 months but we realized people really didn't go on myspace other than to hear bands for a second and bail. Maybe look at tour dates. Both may we add, that myspace is still better at than all the other social networking sites.

Anyway, We really knew we were out of the loop when friends of ours were talking about inside jokes that were exclusive to their Facebook universes. It's natural. We got jealous and wanted to know. So some of us opened personal accounts, which ultimately led to the official Vultures United Facebook account.

Only here, you're not our "friends". You're our "fans". Whatever. Just hit us up on it. To be honest, we still update both the myspace page and the Facebook all the same. You'll just seem cooler being a part of both.

As for Twitter or anything else? For right now, we're going to say fuck Twitter and fuck everything else.....for now. Cool? Cool.

Other news: To not seem like complete fuck ups, we're going to be playing a lot more out of town shows. We're not going to call them tours, because really, they're not. More like weekend runs, which actually, sounds like a butt and shit problem. Anyway, we've got a weekend of Arizona to Las Vegas planned. The Arizona show is locked in and we'll be rocking with labelmates The Menzingers and Cheap Girls. Las Vegas is still brewing.

Also, we have a San Francisco to Oakland/or/San Jose weekend booked. San Francico is locked, and we'll be playing with Dead Panic, Why I Hate among others who have been announced and some that haven't. Stay tuned on that one. Oakland/San Jose is in the works.

We were supposed to do a legitimate east coast tour this summer, but things didn't work out. So we're going to be planning it for the fall. So yeah. Be afraid east coast. We're still cumming.

For now, that's it.

If you get a moment, check out our "RELEASES" page on this site. It's been updated, along with the "SHOWS" page. You'll see our past shows updated along with our upcoming ones.

Also, for those of you who care (which should be all of you), go to our myspace page and take a moment to check out our flyer page. We spend waaaay too much time manicuring that page to look nice. Others should enjoy it too. Every single show we've ever played that had a flyer, is up there on that said "album". Just look for it under "Flyers" of the album section on that myspace site thing you used to check 10 times a day.

Well, that's it for now. Hope to see you all at a show, or at least see your money come through our paypal account.


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It’s 2010 friends. We’re really in the future now. Phones are now computers, you don’t REALLY have to buy music and MTV really isn’t music television. It’s more like reality television. RTV anyone?

Anyway, we’re disappointed that cars don’t fly or turn into briefcases that are light enough to carry around. What a jip, huh? At least we got robots that clean the house. Only our robots look like big hockey pucks and have names like Roomba. Weird huh?

So, the holidays are over and in true Vultures United fashion, our online store is all updated and ready to go (both through this site [click on the $$$ above] or on our myspace page). Just like us to have a money making thing like the store ready to go AFTER Christmas and the other money requiring holidays. Oh well. Spend your post-holiday money with us. We ship worldwide and promise to kiss each item before we send it out.

Regarding our full length “SAVAGES” that we’ve been talking about since August, it now has a general release date of just 2010. We know it’s going to come out, we just don’t know exactly when and who’s going to be pushing it record label wise. What we can tell you is all of the record labels we’re talking to are well known. Lucky us. We just want this fucking thing to come out without getting cornholed by the record companies. Catch our drift? So we’ve been careful about signing but something should be wrapped up soon….we hope.

We just booked our first show for 2010 with some disgustingly good bands. Touche Amore, Creatures, Defeater, All Teeth and The Mistake. Yes, that’s one fucking show and the line-up is only happening the day we play it. It’s in Murrieta which is in Southern California. Check the show page on here or on myspace to get specifics. What a way to start off the year huh?

We have some other awesome shows in the works as well. When they’re solid, we’ll tell you all about it. Cool?

Also, in our live show, you’ll notice a change. We know longer have the two guitar assault. Our good friend and fellow shredder, James Thomas has decided to call it a day for now. He’s got a lot of personal things going on at the moment and finding the time to be in a band was just too much of a struggle. So we parted peacefully and basically, we still love the guy and he always has an open door to come back. We won’t be adding a 2nd guitar player from here on in. We’re going to hit it hard the way Black Flag and the Descendents did it……as a 4 piece.

Umm, what else? We’re itching to write more new music but think it’s pointless since we have about 21 songs no one’s heard. So we’re holding off, and humming bullshit into our cellphones voice recorders until then.

That’s it for now. Buy $hit. Come to our shows.




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Yikes. We finally updated this sucker. No one uses or goes to websites anymore so we let this sucker expire and regretted it like 3 months later after the realization that no one's using myspace anymore. Some of us in the band can give a shit about using Facebook or Twatter. We mean, Twitter. Ha. So we ultimately bought back the name and here it is. A website just for our little band. We're so retro.

Anyway, so we just got back from The Fest 8 yesterday. What a wild weekend. We had a good time but comparing the experience to last year's Fest, we have to say that it smoked last year.

First off, Richy, one of our guitar players couldn't make it last minute. What a bummer because not only does the dude shred hard, but he loves music, so missing The Fest was heartbreaking for him. Also, this year's location for our set wasn't that hot. We were sort of out of the way and didn't really play with any "known" bands. Where last year, we played the Venue Side Hatch and played with some intense bands. Anchor Arms, Dirty Money (now known as Spanish Gamble), Gimmie Drugs, Less Than Jake, The Bouncing Souls, etc. It was out of control, actually.

This year, was very much not out of control. But, at least we looked cool. It was Halloween, so we dressed up. If you were there, you got to enjoy the way we looked. If not, well, wait for pictures or something. A few different people were snapping away so we're sure shit will show up on the interweb somewhere, someday.

So, we have some worthy shit to mention to you while you're here.

This weekend, we're playing a pretty rad show with The Lawrence Arms, Teenage Bottlerocket and Cobra Skulls at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Three of the better punk bands around right now. So, it should be a damn good show.

After that, we have a show with Outbreak that's like a week later. Soul Control and The Love Below are playing as well. Should be solid. That one's in Riverside at this place called The Pharaoh's Den. Sounds historical? Epic maybe? It will be both, probably. Have you heard Outbreak's newest 7 inch EP "Work To Death". Fucking intense.

New record news: Yes, we have a new record completed. It's called "SAVAGES". In fact, we've had the sucker done since August or something. It should be coming out real soon on a label to be announced kind of soon. The date should be sometime in February/March 2010. 13 songs that'll make you cry and it might just change your life too. The LP version should have an extra 2 or 3 songs. Nice!

Other releases?: We might have a little something for Summer, being that we recorded about 21 songs during the "SAVAGES" sessions and are only using 15 to 16 for the actual album in their different versions. So, we're hoping to have some split 7 inches, some singles and fun stuff like that. Pretty much, all of that extra shit got put on hold until the full length is out.

Tour: You know us. We never tour. And when we do, you'll hear about it, so there. We were talking to some peeps from Austrialia but it doesn't look like that's panning out so we may do an east coast US tour (which we've never done) or maybe back to the UK or Europe. Again, everything's on hold because of the new album. That sucker needs to come out first. So, sometime in 2010 you might just see us making the scummy rounds.

Merch: We should have a new merch store up in a week or so. Our merch store was going strong on the old myspace page but myspace got all jealous and disabled all bands stores links from working. So basically, every band who you used to be able to buy shit off of directly on their myspace, now can't sell anything directly off of their myspace pages without having a link redirecting you, the person who wants to buy shit, to a whole other website. So, we'll just be putting a link from our myspace to this website's store, which is going to be legit and as easy as our last one. Cool? Do you get it, dummy?

Also, we should have leftover t-shirts of our old designs (in Large, XL and XXL) and 2 new designs in the smaller, skinnier sizes (chick sizes along with smalls, medium, large and xl). And of course, you'll be able to buy our music. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some people still buy music believe it or not.

That's it as far as news. Some of us have an itch to write new songs but find it pointless being that we have 21 songs NO ONE'S heard yet that we know will make people lose their shit in a rad way.

So, until the next news update (probably when the online store is up), stay Kewl.





- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



News, news, news.

1) NEW RECORD LABEL: We’re proud to announce that on July 8th, 2008, Basement Records (who've released everything from our prior incarnation Grave For The Fireflies, to Bullet Treatment, Killing California, Strength Behind Tears, It's Casual and other amazing bands) will officially be re-releasing "Dirt Hearts" in the USA as a sort of deluxe edition to the version that we're selling under our own label The Pirate Record Company.

The "deluxe" edition is SUPER limited. We’re talked a 100 piece pressing limited. It's going to be in a digipack with new artwork + 2 bonus songs that were recorded during the "Dirt Hearts" sessions that you can't find anywhere else (actually, you can find "Amputees" on the Basement Records Compilation "Wrong Side Of The Trax"), but whatever. You'll still want this bad boy. It'll be rare, Bald Eagle Style. July 8th. Get it.

2) NEW RECORDING: We recorded 4 new songs at the glorious Buzz Bomb Labs in Orange County with the uber talented Paul Miner (dude just recorded the new H20 and Newfound Glory releases, and recorded “Dirt Hearts” for us). 2 of the songs we recorded live before for our BBC Sessions (“T-Rexellent!” and “Our Beloved Beatles”) back in England (so they might be familiar to some of you). They’re way better “not live” from these sessions though. The other 2 are songs have never been heard before. Those are titled “Shoot Guns, Eat Pussy” and a cover of Operation Ivy’s “I Got No”. We’re stoked on them. We recorded them intending to use “T-Rexellent!” for a comp and the other 3 for a split 7 inch, but it looks like plans fell through for both so we’re currently deciding what to with these audio gems.

3) Regarding the EUROPEAN Release of "Dirt Hearts". It's still being worked on. Anchors Aweigh Records is currently working on the exclusive European artwork for this puppy. And no, it won't have the vinyl only tracks on this version or the 2 bonus songs on the Basement Records version. Musically, it's going to be the same as The Pirate Record Company's version of "Dirt Hearts". Visually, it'll be way different looking. Word on the street is this isn’t ACTUALLY coming out until next year (when we’ll be visiting Europe/UK). BUMMER.

4) We're not playing too many shows and pretty much taking it easy over the Summer because we're writing for a gnarly full length. So if we do play shows, consider it rare. Which leads us to...

5) Our next shows for awhile are with Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie at Chain Reaction, and a few scattered dates I August with Git Some (dudes from Planes Mistaken For Stars new kick-ass band) and Grace Alley (from the Bay area). Check the shows section for details.

Thanks for reading.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Okay. If you're taking track, you'll know we hardly update this thing. So, if for any reason you want more current updates on the world of the Vultures, you can always go on our myspace page where we lurk and annoy our myspace friends, constantly. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a few months until we update this puppy, which is okay too. It gives us something to do.

So, "Dirt Hearts", our debut EP came out and has done real well for us. So well, we should have some exciting news to report, regarding the release REAL soon. Sorry to blue ball you, but that's the way it goes.

Incase you're trying to keep track, "Dirt Hearts" is our actual 1st release. We also have an unreleased song that actually came out on a Basement Records compilation called "Wrong Side Of The Trax" titled "Amputees" which was recorded during the "Dirt Hearts" sessions but not used. So buy the comp if you're interested in hearing the shred worthy song. You can actually buy both "Dirt Hearts" (on vinyl or cd) and the "Wrong Side Of The Trax" comp right off of our myspace page's PayPal store, which is at It's way legit, safe and easy.

We mentioned a Gallows, This Is Hell and Cancer Bats West Coast tour on our last website update (which happened in January). Yes, the tour happened and yes, it ruled. If you went to one of the shows, we thank you. It was an amazing tour to be on, with some incredible bands.

We also hinted at a possible March UK tour. Well, that happened too. It was pretty glorious. We did it with this amazing British hardcore band by the name of The River Card, and definitely made friends for life. A lot of milestones happened on the tour, and it was just a fucking golden time. For details on the shows, and mis-adventures we had while on the UK tour, check out our myspace page blogs. There's a lot of juicy details for you lurkers who have nothing better to do than read our retarded ramblings. Oh, and we did a live BBC Session for Mike Davies/BBC's Punk Rock Show "Lockdown". We were fortunate enough to record in the same studio where the John Peel Sessions took place, where bands like The Beatles, The White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones and more recently, Gallows, The Mars Volta and Jimmy Eat World recorded sessions. It was fucking insane.

The show where the sessions aired already, so if you missed it, tough luck. The interview actually ended up being pretty funny. We're hoping one day to release the interview and the sessions, so keep an eye out for that one. It'll be tight.

For pictures of the UK tour (and some of the BBC session), you'll catch those at our myspace "Pics" section as well. Myspace really is legit. It's gross.

Up next for Vultures United, we may be recording 3 songs for a hush-hush vinyl only compilation that's coming out soon. It's still in the works so we can't spill the beans about it, but if it does happen, it's going to be awesome. Basically, it's a colored 12" vinyl only comp that's going to have some impressive bands on it. We'll see what happens.

Other than that, the Vultures United gang will be laying low, writing songs for a full length record, which we're aiming to release this Fall or Winter. We may do some kind of split before that but we'll see what happens exactly.

We also have a show coming up at the end of May with Leatherface, Paint It Black and Dead To Me! It's going to be a killer show, taking place at our hometown venue, Chain Reaction. For details, check out our "Shows" section. Go to the show. It'll probably change your life forever. For cheaper pre-sale tickets, get in touch with us. We'll save you some loot and you'll be stoked on life. Email us at and headline the puppy "PAINT IT BLACK TICKETS".

Last thing(s): You'll see that we got rid of the "Photo Gallery" and "Art Gallery" (which housed band photos and press shots, along with flyers and misc. Vultures United art". You can now peep that stuff on our myspace page under "Pics". It's just way easier and more current this way. We also updated the "Shows" section so check it out if you'd like.

That's it for now. If all goes well, we'll have some real juicy news for you in a week or so.

Loose lips sinks ships.

-Vultures United

PS: Buy shit from our online store, which is on our myspace page or at the "$$$$$$" page above.


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Hey everyone. Lots of crazy news that we'll break into sections. Read on...

DEBUT RELEASE OF "DIRT HEARTS" - After talking to a few really cool independent punk and hardcore labels about releasing "Dirt Hearts", we decided to release it ourselves. The labels we spoke to are all very cool labels we are either friends with or respect (or both), but we really have a clear vision on how we want to release "Dirt Hearts" and no one seemed 100% on our side.

We don't blame them, mind you. The music industry is a fucked up thing to be involved in at the moment, and the fact that "Dirt Hearts" is being released on January 15th (which is rushed indeed) and that's it's going to be on both cd and vinyl, it's an expensive and risky thing to do this day in age. Especially with a band that doesn't tour 10 months out of the year and aren't pretty dudes who sing about chicks.

So, January 15th is the official release date. We'll have a online store soon enough, on which we'll be taking pre-orders for. The cd version has 6 tracks. The 7 inch vinyl version (which is limited to 500) will have 8 tracks. They're all hand numbered and the first 138 are on Holy White Vinyl. Totally nutz.

Here's the track listing:

1. Dirt Dicks
2. Strung Up And Swinging
3. California Hearts
4. Bad Seeds
5. Dame Tu Cuerpo
6. Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking
7. Out Of Step (With The World)*** Only on 7 inch
8. Bottled Violence*** Only on 7 inch

Yes, the 2 extra tracks are Minor Threat cover songs. Yes, we're that crazy. Wait until you hear those bastards.

Remember, pre-orders get priority on colored vinyl. So we may or may not have colored vinyl on the upcumming tour.

To check out the album cover, take a gander at our myspace page or go to the "Releases" section of our website.

WEST COAST TOUR WITH GALLOWS / THIS IS HELL / CANCER BATS - It's crazy but true. Our buddy Frank from Gallows got us on all of the West Coast tour dates (January 19th To January 26th), and we can't be more stoked to be a part of such a solid fucking tour. We'll be opening all the dates we're involved with. It's going to be ridiculous. We owe Frank big time. Check out the "Death Kids Unite" section of the website (above) to see specifics on the shows. Or go on our myspace account.

COMPILATION WITH EXCLUSIVE TRACK - Believe it or not, on the same day "Dirt Hearts" cums out, Basement Records will be releasing a compilation of punk bands only featuring unreleased songs exclusive to the compilation. Basement Records is bringing it back old school style. Like it's 1994 and shit.

The compilation is called "Wrong Side Of The Trax". At the moment (as in today, dummy), all of the bands on the compilation have copies of it. So, if you want it real bad (which you should) those bands (including us) will have them at their shows. The unreleased song we have on the puppy is the song "Amputees". It's catchy. It's crazy. It's good.

Other bands on the compilation we should mention that rule are Hit The Switch (Nitro Records), Killing California (Basement Records), Smartbomb (Think Fast! Records), It's Casual, The Alligators (Indecision Records and features Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on lead vocals), Casket Life, In The Red (featuring Mike Hale from Gunmoll on lead vocals), Bobot Adrenaline, Bullet Treatment (featuring Jordan from Vultures United on lead vocals, along with members of Instead and The Icarus Line) + shit loads more. Buy it. It's cheap as shit.

POSSIBLE UK TOUR - So, we've been talking to this great promoter dude from Leeds, about setting up a 12 to 13 date UK tour for March. It's in the works, but we're hoping it all straightens out and happens. It's going to be crazy.

That's all of the news for now. Wish us luck friends. We're going to rip it up in the New Year.

Oh, and updates have been made to the flyer section. Check, che-check, check, check, CHECK IT OUT.

Vultures United


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Hello friends.

Just a super-quick update on our happenings.

We're keeping busy here in Vultures United land. We're playing a pretty important show this Friday with The Bronx and The Mercy Killers @ Safari Sam's in Los Angeles. Should be an awesome show. You should go, especially since it's all ages.

Check out the flyer in the "Art Galley" section above.

Other than that, we're talking to a few labels about putting out the "Dirt Hearts" EP we've been raving about since August. We're hoping to have it out somewhere between January and March. We'll see though. It could be sooner.

Other than that just keep your eyes peeled for more shows. Maybe a Las Vegas show and San Francisco show in the works. We'll see!

Remember, for more up to date info on us Vultures, check us out on myspace and befriend us.

Be rad.
Vultures United


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Hey friends. We have some updates on some recent and not so recent happenings going on in Vultures United land. We've separated everything in sections for easy reading incase you want to go straight to something that interests you more than the other.


Here we go...

A few good ones have happened since our last post. We've actually been laying low because we've been recording our debut release (an EP) which we'll get into more detail below.

There's some other shows posted so take a look at them up above on the link titled "Death Kids Unite". RAD.

We have some pretty cool shows on our little minds for November and December. For October, we have a show at The Doll Hut in Anaheim with Verbal Abuse and some other small shows brewing. Check out the details on the show page AKA "Death Kids Unite" link.

So, our demo has been doing good for us, even though we're way more stoked on the songs we just recorded for the EP. But the demo has served it's purpose of spreading the word of our happenings. A couple of the songs off the demo have even been playing on radio. To be more specific, England's BBC Radio 1 Punk Show called Lockdown with Mike Davies has played us about every other week since the demo's been out. So far Mr. Davies has been spinning "Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking" and our cover of The Murder City Devils "Dance Hall Music", so that's been great.

Yes, the demo is actually still in print. We were giving these out for free and sent about 200 of them out for free (including free postage) to myspace friends who requested them, but it was a limited type deal and although we still have some left, the remaining ones are indeed for sale.

To buy one (we're working on a online store so bear with us), just log onto paypal and make a $4.00 payment to Be sure to include a message that it's for the Vultures United debut self titled demo. They're all handmade (not numbered but still extremely limited). So, if you like what we're doing we recommend buying this puppy because once they're gone. They're gone friends.

Our new EP is titled "Dirt Hearts". Although a U.S. and European record label hasn't been worked out YET, we do know that it's going to be a co-release with our own label The Pirate Record Company. We also know that whatever label(s) put the sucker out is going to have a 6 song CD version and a LIMITED 8 song/colored vinyl LP. Rad? We think so.

Here's the tracklisting for "Dirt Hearts":

1. Dirt Dicks
2. Strung Up And Swinging
3. California Hearts
4. Bad Seeds
5. Dame Tu Cuerpo
6. Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking
7. Out Of Step (Minor Threat)
8. Bottled Violence (Minor Threat)

We also recorded some extra tracks in the same session. One of the songs "Amputees" will be featured on the upcoming Basement Records compilation titled "Wrong Side Of The Trax" which is going to be an all exclusive song CD compilation. That pretty much means all of the songs on the comp won't be available anywhere except on the comp. Pretty legit we'd say. As of now, we know The Distance, Bullet Treatment, Hit The Switch, The Insurgents and more bands to be announced shortly we be contributing tracks.

The song "Amputees" will also eventually be on a split 7 inch (with another band not yet decided) along with the re-recorded song "Membership Dues For The Hellfire Club" which a version of the song is on the demo but this is the new and improved version. It's rad. Trust us. We'll probably record a cover song too for the split. Once we know the band we're doing it with, we'll let you know. Don't hold your breath for this one though. We're not expecting it to come out until sometime in 2008.

Like we mentioned before, Mike Davies has indeed been playing us about every other week on his awesome radio show on BBC Radio 1. The show is called LOCKDOWN w/ Mike Davies and it's really a fucking good show worth listening to. Although it's on a UK radio station, you can listen to it on Sirius Satellite Radio live or you can listen to it online live/or any time you want at

Just a few nights ago he played a song off "Dirt Hearts" called "Bad Seeds". Pretty legit. He also played some songs by Rancid, Drive Like Jehu, Bad Brains, The Warriors, Dropkick Murphy's, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Plight, MxPx, The Bled, Gallows and EVEN The Murder City Devils. We're telling you, the radio show is incredible.

Be friend Mike Davies at

We're stoked to say that a few weeks back, Mr. Davies had an all request type show and we were one of the most requested bands on the show. SO STOKED. We thank all of you who took the time to vote! Much appreciated.

Keep listening to the show. You never know what this dude's going to play.

There's a couple of new reviews up for the self titled EP. Check it out. They're not too shabby. They'll be under the "Praises/Threats" section of the website (up above, dummy).

We put up some pictures of our show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim with Said Radio and Blacklisted. We also put in some in-studio photos at Buzzbomb during the "Dirt Heart" sessions. The only thing is, they're no longer on (the site you're on now dummy). The only way to check out pics of our grills is to befriend us on and check out the pictures there. Deal?

and finally MERCH:
No, we don't have a merch site set up yet. But we will soon enough. Actually, to be honest with you I doubt we'll have one until the EP actually comes out. But expect to be able to purchase t-shirts, hoodies, music, stickers and buttons off said merch site. It's going to be a glorious thing once that happens.

Until then, shoot us an email if you're interested in buying something. If so, we can email you info of what we have, prices and payment (through paypal).

Okay, that's the update for now.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled friends.

We're making moves.

Vultures United


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We've got some cool things cumming along for the band we should report.

At the moment, we've probably sent out (and handed out) about 200 copies of our 3 song demo and we're getting great feedback from people, zines, record labels, radio stations and other important peeps in the music world.

Shit's going right for once in the land of the Vultures.

On our last update, we promised something cool for people out of our general area on ways of getting the demo, since we were just pretty much passing them out at local shows and some selective Warped Tour dates. So the cool thing that we promised is: if you live out of town (or if you're lazy and live in our town), and you'd like a copy of our 3 song demo, all you need to do is email us with your mailing address, and we'll send out the cd, FREE.

Thing is, we're only accepting requests if it's done through So yes, you guessed it, if you're from Mars and don't have a myspace account, you're going to have to open one and befriend us. SUCKER.

Don't worry though. We make being friends with us way worth it by way of witty/retarded posts, stupid stories, annoying reminders and most importantly, we send you free shit (like the cd).

So yes, it's completely free. You don't pay for the cd, you don't pay for the postage and best of all, they're all hand made and look fucking awesome. Plus, the music on said cd's aren't half bad either. We're pretty stoked on our cover of Murder City Devils classic song "Dance Hall Music". And the cd is way limited. Once we hit 1000 copies, they're dinosaurs. EXTINCT. BOO-YAH!

Other news to report:

We're still recording our appropriate untitled debut EP at the end of August. It's going to be 6 or 7 songs (not sure if all the songs are going to be on the EP, but whatever), and we're recording them at Paul Miner's new studio BuzzBomb. If you don't know who Paul Miner is, you might just like bad music. Get educated and check out this great man's work (so far)

THIS MONDAY (JULY 23RD), we're going to be played on the World Famous BBC RADIO 1 station in Europe/UK, on the show LOCK DOWN with Mike Davies. This is pretty much THE BEST RADIO SHOW in the world so far NO EXAGGERATING. Mike's playlist almost always consists of songs I own or songs off cd's I want to own, and the dude just has good taste in music. If you think Indie 103.1 has good playlists, you're actually pretty retarded. And yes, although we think Complete Control is a rad show, it seriously has nothing on LOCK DOWN. Any show that regularly plays Fucked Up, The Bronx and Gallows is the shit to us.

We're not sure what song off the EP he's playing, but you know we're going to be sitting by our computers like nerds impatiently ready to hear the sounds of the Vultures United terrorize UK and beyond.


If you have Sirius Radio, apparently there's a BBC Radio 1 channel where you can check out the broadcast


You can also listen live on the internet at . After the show airs, they leave it up for 7 days at the same link so you can check it out "not-live", but still be graced by it.

Legit? We think so.

To see what kind of gold Mr. Davies plays on his show, check out the blog on his myspace page which is

On his last show, he played sweet shit like Loved Ones, Gorgol Bordello, Bad Brains, Send More Paramedics, Chuck Ragan, Fugazi and tons more. Just scope him out. His shit IS NOT weak.

Okay, that's all for now. Keep on the lookout for us friends.

We're trying to get as many cool shows together as possible in the next few months.

Thanks for reading.

Vultures United


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Hey freeloaders and freethinkers.

We got the mix-down for our demo-ep-fucker, and it's up RIGHT NOW on our profile. All ready for you to download.

3 songs that'll make you either depressed or stoked on life. You be the judge. Either way, we really don't care.

Some of you may have saw us last night lurking around The Glasshouse at the Warped Tour pre-party, passing out the new physical copy of our demo (all hand made, but fancy as hell). The covers we're giving out right now are limited, so as of now, the ONLY way to get them is to be at today's Warped Tour in Pomona, where we'll be cheering on our buddies from the UK, called GALLOWS, and watching Circle Jerks for some inspiration.

You can also go to one of our shows this Summer and get one for FREE.

For you out of towners (since there's no touring until fall planned, or at least thought about) we're cumming up with something cool for you guys to get a copy but we haven't quite decided what we're going to do for you people YET. Don't worry. We should have something for you by this weekend.

That's all for now. Enjoy the new songs. We're pretty sure we're going to enable them from being downloaded sometime in the next few days or so, so get sleazy with them.

More shows, news and other things should be annouced fairly soon.

Thanks for the support.



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We've been laying low, as usual, but finally have some worthy and more precise news to lay on you.

First off, We just finished tracking drums and guitars this past weekend, for this last-minute 3 song demo we kind of decided to do on the fly.

We recorded at this pretty awesome place called Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, California (right down the street from Nickleodeon Studios). We're all pretty stoked that The Mars Volta at one time was here at the studio recording overdubs for one of their albums. Pretty radical huh?
Arch and Richie did a great job on drums and guitar, so we're hoping next weekend we'll be able to finish up with bass overdubs and vocals. Since we're ghetto and our good buddy/producer/engineer Greg Cortez is hooking us up for this recording, we pretty much have to finish up the next time we're in the studio. PRESSURE.

So fucked, but fun too.

For this specific recording, we're going to be using it as a demo that will most likely be self-titled. Not really sure yet though but that's the plan.

We'll most likely be giving them out for free too.

Anyway, the track listing is as follows:

Membership Dues For The Hellfire Club
Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking
Dance Hall Music (*which is a Murder City Devils cover for you wanna-bes that don't know. SIKE).

The cool thing about this specific release is, we're trying our hardest to get the recording completed by next week so that we can have the cd's made by our next show and for the Warped Tour (which we're not playing, but will be hanging out at).

The cd's are going to be super LIMITED, as we're going to be most likely only making 1000 of them and they're all going to be numbered and hand made. By handmade, we're talking about us actually spray printing the fucking cd's that we'll be burning ourselves. All of the covers will be handmade and stuffed by ourselves too. So it should be pretty rad and collector-like.

In other news, our proper debut release will be recorded at the end of July at Paul Miner's new studio called Buzz Bomb. For those of you who don't know, Paul's not only an amazing producer/engineer and all around good dude, but the guy's worked with The Nerve Agents, Underminded, AFI, Death By Stereo (he was a founding member of the band, by the way) Some Girls, Thrice, Atreyu and shit tons of others.

Check out his shit at

We're going to be doing 4 to 5 songs with Paul and it will be released under our own label The Pirate Record Company. No name for it though yet, but when we have one we'll tell you.
We're working on some pretty cool shows for July and August, and even some Northen California weekends in September.

So keep your eyes peeled for all of that stuff.

Thanks for reading friends.

Over and out.

Vultures United


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Quick amusing and a little informative update:

So, Deadend Jordan was reading the Winter 2006 issue of "Punk Rock Confidential" (with Billy Joe & Adrienne Armstrong on the cover) yesterday, and ran into the article titled "The Attack Of The Long Ass Band Name".

The article pokes fun on how band names these days are "a long and descriptive sentence".

Anyway, the article gives brief comments on band names like ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, No Use For A Name, The Plot To Blow Up Eiffel Tower (plus a few more).

The important thing is they listed a few more long ones in there and yup, you guessed it, GRAVE FOR THE FIREFLIES is on there (our former band name).

It's on there with Planes Mistaken For Stars, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Between The Buried And Me at least. It's not just a bunch of real shitty bands.

Anyway, it's hilarious and gives yet another legit reason why we are now called VULTURES UNITED.

So yeah, to check out the actual article, check it out here.

ALSO: Our debut show is coming up in a couple of days at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California with Mikoto and Cancer Bats. We'd be lying if we said we weren't stoked out of our minds.

Thanks for checking on us dudes/dudettes.



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Hey everyone.

Thanks for checking out the site and to learn all that is VULTURES UNITED. We’re going to take over the world and by you reading this, we're going to guess you're okay with that.

In case you don’t know, we used to be called Grave For The Fireflies but decided to change our name. Just thought we'd throw that in there.

We have lots of stuff coming up, We’re heading in the studio in mid-July with the awesome Paul Miner at his new studio Buzz Bomb, and are planning to record 5 songs for an EP. 4 songs on the cd version, 5 songs on the 7 inch version (the 5th song will be a cover song). Colored vinyl is in the mix. We have no idea what the numbers will be pressing-wise, but we’re going to try and make it as cool and interesting as possible.

The EP will be released on our own label, The Pirate Record Company hopefully in August or September. Just in time for some tours here and there.

No name for the EP exists yet, but their will be one announced soon. Since we have enough new songs for a full length, we haven't decided which ones we’re recording for the EP.

Some tentative tracks include “Strung Up And Swinging”, “Bad Seeds”, “Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking”, “Dame Tu Cuerpo”, “Membership Dues To The Hellfire Club” and “Our Beloved Beatles”. There’s more, but these are the ones that are currently in our live set list.

THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT OF NEWS IS HERE: Our debut under VULTURES UNITED takes place on May 17th @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California with Mikoto and the Canadian rock and roll titans known as Cancer Bats.

The show is going to be awesome and a perfect one for us to debut the new line-up, songs and new VULTURES UNITED merch.

For tickets for the show check out

We’ll be blowing out all old Grave For The Fireflies merch at the show. Selling all t-shirts for $5 and all hoodies for $15. Stickers and other knicknacks will be free.

You can also buy tickets from us (with bonus stuff) when you purchase them through our paypal account directly. Just send $20 to and we’ll send you a ticket to the Chain Reaction Show with Cancer Bats and Mikoto, a t-shirt and a copy of our album “Bitten”. That’s a $30 value for $20 bucks. See. We care. Just remember to tell us what size you where and we’ll stoke your life out.

Also, all of the prices of our existing merch on our online store has been reduced drastically. Check it out here. Once this stuff is gone, it’s gone.

As for our debut album “Bitten” released on Basement Records in 2005, we still stand by it, friends. In fact, we’re still playing songs in our live set from that album. So don’t be bummed. We’re not turning our backs on Grave For The Fireflies. Well, we are. But not the songs. We’re still stoked on them and even throwing around the idea of re-releasing “Bitten” under the new name once we’re out of our current pressing. We’ll see what happens.

Also, we’ve switched over our Grave For The Fireflies myspace account to Vultures United (in an effort to keep all of the friends we’ve gathered throughout the years). So, if you currently are a friend of Grave For The Fireflies, you’ll see that it’s now Vultures United. We’ve opened a new account for friends who still back Grave For The Fireflies though. That link is here.

The Vultures United myspace URL is
That’s all the news we have friends.

We want to thank everyone who’s supported Grave For The Fireflies in any way. It was fun, but it’s about to get even better.

Here’s to new beginnings.



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Yes. There's a pulse. We booked a show so like the great Jay-Z, we're back.

All the typical things that come with being in a band has slowed us down a bit.

Line-up changes, new jobs, big debt and writing new songs. All things still are still in effect but hey, it's time to start getting dirty right?

And so, we start our reign of terror in Long Beach, California at an amazing Punk Rock Circus branded show.

Check out the details in our cleverly titled "Death Kids Unite" page of our website.



Grave For The Fireflies



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Just a quick update friends.

We finally got our newest t-shirt design up on our webstore! We like to call it the "Black Flag-Camo". Basically, because we stole the Black Flag "bars" in the most scummy way and we're calling it our own via said t-shirt.

We're thinking you should buy it because wearing the thing is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only do you give props to us (the future of punk/hardcore, says us) but you give a nod to Black Flag (the founders of So. Cal. punk/hardcore, says us as well).

You'll most likely be viewed by your peers as some sort of GOD, which is always a good thing.

Check it out at or just the "Buy Or Die" button up top and it'll take you straight there.

That's all the news we have for you today. We know we've been mum for the last few weeks, but there's not really anything we can report at the moment. We have a few fucking amazing things going on but we'd be shit house to report them so soon.

So we'll wait, and you're going to have to keep it in your pants for now.

Cum sesh coming soon. Don't worry. We know.
Grave For The Fireflies


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Happy New Year's everyone.

We updated the site a bit just on the passed shows portion of it. Check it out if that interests you.

As far as upcoming shows, we don't really have anything coming up because we're still writing for some upcoming recordings. We're not exactly sure what we're going to do with the recordings, but we're thinking maybe 2 separate EP's and maybe even a split with another band. We're kind of taking it all one step at a time. The plan is to record a total of 8 tracks. Some of the titles are "Crusades", "Jordan Needs A Life Raft Because His Ship Is Sinking", "Dame Tu Cuerpo", "Bad Seeds", "California Hearts" and "Membership Dues For The Hellfire Club". We're still working on 2 more so as soon as those puppies are solid, we're going to book a couple different recording dates.

We were supposed to have a new t-shirt design up on our online store but we have a bit of a lag that we can't really help on our end. It'll be up soon hopefully so keep your eyes peeled for it. It's a camoflauge Black Flag inspired t-shirt you may have seen at some of our shows. We just reprinted a bunch and sent them to Merch Lackey (our online retailer), so it should be up any day now.

One our last update we mentioned a label called Against The Blade was going to release our 7 inch/CDEP. It looks like the dudes running that label REALLY didn't know what they were doing so they already went belly up and shut their doors. The record business is tough friends, and when you're shitty dudes like those guys, it's even tougher.

Hopefully we'll have some more solid news to report in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading and heads up for 2007.

We're going to fucking take over.



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Hello friends.

We're back with another update and believe it or not, a year didn't pass by. This update is actually happening almost a month from our last one, which is probably some kind of record for us.

First off, check out the "Pictures" and "Art Gallery" portions of this website, as we've added some live pictures from our Juke Joint show and a couple of flyers from our past shows, which are worth taking a gander at.

Also, we'll be having some new merch shortly on our official online store. Some of you may have seen the "camoflauge Black Flag bars rip-off" t-shirt on our last tour, or at some local shows. We just printed a few more, so all sizes are available at the moment. The shirts should be online and ready to order sometime next week. You'll definitely hear about it as we're sketchy scumbags at heart, and will be spreading the word around the world wide web like there's no tomorrow. Everyone will know when those puppies are ready to sell.

We also have another design coming out which is pretty rad, but we actually haven't heard from the graphic designer dude who's doing it. It's been like 2 weeks since we've heard from him, so we should probably figure out what's going on with that design.

On our last update, we mentioned doing a limited 7 inch vinyl /cd-ep release sometime very shortly. We have more info regarding that. It looks like the label who will be releasing that is this small new label called Against The Blade Records. Check out what they're all about at

We don't have much info on the release, other than the pressing is going to consist of 100 limited edition 7 inches and 100 limited edition CDEP's. No word on if the 7 inches are going to be colored, but you know we'll be pushing for it.

As far as the content on the release, we'd like to have 5 to 6 songs on the 7 inch version and 4 to 5 songs on the CD version. Recordingwise, we have a specific dude in mind to do it, but since we have about 2 and a half songs left to write and learn, we're not sure if the dude we want is going to be available to record us, so we're going to wait and announce that when we have a set date.

In not-so-band-related news, our very own Deadend Jordan and former Grave For The Fireflies Inc. guitar player/heartbreaker Annia C., will be launching a new clothing line they created in the next couple of weeks called GRAND UNION. They're excited to show the world their debut collection, so keep a look out for that as the designs are pretty damn cool and very wearable. Website, launch party and myspace page ALL coming within the next 2 weeks! Get stoked.

In our last bit of news, there is no shows on the horizon until December, and that will be in San Diego. Check the "Death Kids Unite" portion of the site for details on that puppy. Unfortunately we have NO SHOWS for November, but we're sort of half-assedly (is that a real word) working on getting something. Right now though, it's not looking too good.

What IS looking good is a 2 week tour on the horizon for spring (we're hoping). We're not saying where yet, because we don't want to jinx it, but if it happens we're going to lose our minds and most likely empty our bank accounts. Awesome.

So that's it for now.

Thanks for reading. Over and out.



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Wow. So it's almost been a year since we updated our "official website" (the site you're on now, dummy). We're not sure why we've been so lazy. It might have to do with the fact that our myspace page is just so easy to update and quick. We can run it ourselves and not bug our incredible web designer Kaytee for a retarded update.
So lots have happened since the last update. We're assuming most interested people have been keeping tabs on us through our myspace page, so if you have, just skip all of this.
If you haven't kept tabs on us, we'll try to remember all that's happened -

Yeah, we know. We're always changing personnel over here at Grave For The Fireflies Inc. Especially drummers. But this time we had a major overhaul and really mixed things up. We know, we know. Line-up changes doesn't look good from the outside (like A&R people and record label execs look down on such things) but we can really care less. Sometimes things
just don't work out. So, in that spirit, here's what's going on as far as
our line-up.

The band now consists of Richie Verdugo (still on guitar and backing vocals), Deadend Jordan (solely on vocals), Colby Benbow (on bass guitar) and Colin Strahm (on drums and backing vocals).
On our last update, we announced Dave Hidalgo (of Bullet Treatment/The Drips/Los Villains plus tons more bands) joining our band. Unfortunately Dave is/was involved in a ton of more projects and had to jump ship because he just got way too busy. So right around the time he went on a European tour with The Drips (featuring members of The Bronx, Dave's brother Vinnie and Tony from The Distillers/CHECK THEM OUT) we enlisted another drummer by the name of Otis Manning.

Otis was in the band for a few months and actually went out on our "NO SLEEP FROM CALI: North West Tour". Things ended up not working out with him eventually, and so we moved on.
Back peddling a little bit in our story here, before we left for the "NO SLEEP FROM CALI TOUR" our incredibly gorgeous guitar player Annia, decided to end her tour of duty with the Grave For The Fireflies Inc. Although she'll sorely be missed, you can spot her MOST OF THE TIME at our shows selling merch for us or just hanging out. Why'd she quit you ask? Mainly because she wanted to concentrate more on her day job (which she makes way more money in, than hanging out with us scumbags).
Being a 3 piece was never really something we wanted. So we made a collective decision to change the line-up a bit. As most of you probably don't know, we've been writing new songs since "Bitten" came out (last October) and the songs are a little more complicated and let's just say, pretty much harder to play and sing. Deadend Jordan never really thought he
was a great bass player and since he sings the most in the songs, the idea to get a new bass player to cover for him and have him just solely sing came up.
That's when bass player Colby Benbow comes in. Colby, already a friend of the band (and former bass player for Jet Black Halo) was looking for a band, and interested in touring so it was the perfect match as we were about to leave for tour.
So, the tour happened and it was the most successful one we've had to date.
Everything went smoothly and we pretty much ruled the North West of The United States Of America, spreading the gospel of the Death Kids.
When we got back home, we realized things weren't working out with Otis, and started looking for a new drummer.
So, at that point our buddy Colin Strahm, who at the time was just finishing his stint in the band Jet Black Halo also (he's also currently a member of Kill Fast Casino) joined the band. Colin's actually been a member of the band before. He joined for a short period right after the "Dead Eyes" demo came out and left because he got a little too busy for us. Colin's a great drummer, hilarious dude and an awesome friend, so we're stoked to have him in the line-up.
That's it. The end. Grave For The Fireflies 2006 is heading forward, fully intact.

- THE MUSIC VIDEO: We got the chance to film a music video we're incredibly proud of with the talented director, Mario F. (we don't remember his last name because it's long and Cuban. Plus we checked on his official site and he doesn't have his last name ANYWHERE!). The video is a dual video, much like the Green Day "Jaded/Brain Stew" video off of the album "Nimrod". The songs we do the video for are "Eyeliner" and "You In A Body Bag Would Teach Me How To Smile", starring Riverside, CA booking-master, Party Marty along with Adrian, one of the many members of the infamous punk band, Bullet Treatment.
The video is amazing, and the line-up featured on it is Deadend Jordan (bass, vocals), Richie Verdugo (guitar, vocals), Annia Castano (guitar) and Otis Manning (drums). If you look closely, you'll see future GFTFF Inc. alumni Colin Strahm (dude with the mohawk) and Colby Benbow (dude with the amazing Treadwell t-shirt) in the damn video. The future was told in this fucking video. Amazing? We think so.
You can view it over at the "VISUAL" page of this beloved website, at, YouTube or on our myspace account (www.myspace/

- SHOWS: Lots of shows happened between the last update. Some highlights were - Before we bailed for tour, we were asked to play a show with The Bronx at Spaceland in Los Angeles. It was the debut of Deadend Jordan just singing, and a quick one-shot return of Dave Hidalgo filling in on drums again (Otis couldn't make it to the show on time, so Dave re-learned the songs before the show). It was incredible and a great way to debut the new line-up (sorta).

Other mentionable worthy shows were probably EVERY show on the "No Sleep From
Cali" tour. To get detailed info on that, log onto our myspace account and
read the blogs. We get pretty into it there.

- RADIO SHOW: On October 25th, Nitro Records A&R dude Sean Ziebarth invited us to play a live set on his KUCI radio show titled "Play It As It Lays". We had a good time and it was a bit surreal, but unfortunately we don't have much to show for it. Although they did record our live performance on the show, the finished product came out terrible. The levels are just way fucked. It's all vocal, bass and drums. You can't really hear any guitar. You know shit's bad when the back-up vocals are louder than the leads. Bummer. We'll probably release the whole set on something someday, but for now, we'll keep it hidden in the vault. As a side note, the interview conducted wasn't recorded either. Apparently their equipment for the night was going haywire. So if you tuned in that night, you heard that and lucked out at hearing us freaking out to questions on the air.
IN THE WORKS: So that takes us to the present. Right now we're working on some new songs and have already incorporated a few to our live set "Dame Tu Cuerpo" and "Bad Seeds". The goal right now is to write a solid 5 or 6 songs total, and release them
on vinyl and/or as a CDEP. We're not sure who's going to release it yet. We have a few people in mind to record it with, but nothing's set in stone as of now. We did announce something similar to this last October (we were going to record with Joby Ford of The Bronx/The Drips fame) but the dude released an incredible album, the 2nd Bronx record, and is touring like an animal well into next year.

So yeah. We spoke too soon and hopefully we'll get to do some tracks with him in the near future. You know we'll keep you all updated with this. Recording should happen sometime in October.

Shows shows shows. We've got a few coming. All deemed to be excellent sights. We recommend going to the "DEATH KIDS UNITE" page of this here site to find out about our upcoming happenings. Everything from an amazing Doll Hot show in Anaheim with a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET HEADLINING GUEST to playing in Las Vegas at the incredible Doubledown Saloon. Crazy.

Check out our PHOTO GALLERY section as we've posted pictures from our "NO SLEEP FROM CALI" tour along with some new press pictures of our new scumbaggy line-up. They're shockingly and pretty embarrassing. Annia being in the band really did level out the ugly factor. Now we're visually doomed and are going to exploit it Ramones style. Ugly Kids Unite?
Under our PRAISES/THREATS section, we've posted a few slow poke media outlets who finally got around to reviewing our album "Bitten". Check them all out. There's more good reviews than bad, which is pretty damn cool.
And finally, we have the ART GALLERY where we'll be posting up flyers and other GFTFF Inc. inspired artworks. Should be sweet for the art nerd in all of us.
Some new merch is on the horizon as well. Keep your eyes peeled for that and buy it. We're poor.
Other than that, that's all we have going on at the moment. We made an oath to keep this thing more updated, so we'll try our best to stick to that. If all else fails, check are damn myspace page. We're on that thing like 24/7. Totally nutz.
See you at the shows.



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So, it's been a couple of months since we've updated the site and a lot of things have been going on. Before we get into band shit we should address our complete condolences, hopeful thoughts and blessings to everyone in the South who was directly effected by the hurricanes. As you may or may not know we have friends who are part of The Guild Of Thieves And Assassins who live in Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana who were directly in harms way. Fortunately all of them and their families are okay but that isn't the case for a lot of other fellow Americans. If you have money to spare and haven't already, please donate. Every little bit counts. We recommend donating to a legit cause like the American Red Cross. Watch out for those celebrity telethons. They're fucking as sketchy as our lazy President. To this day no one knows what happened to the "9/11 Celebrity Telethon" money so really watch out for who you hand your hard earned money to. We recommend donating here (we stole this link from by the way).

Okay, now to band updates. We have to remind you that our debut full length album "Bitten," being released by the wonderful people at Basement Records and The Pirate Record Company, is coming out later this month, on October 25th, NATIONWIDE. You can get the cd RIGHT NOW though, before the actual release date, 4 different ways:

Way #1: Go to our shows. We have plenty of shows coming up in October, November and December and will have some new merchandise along with our cd's in hand. Click here to view our upcoming shows. Also, we most likely will have copies of the new Basement Records compilation "Radio Disaster: Volume 9" that we'll be giving out for free to anyone who buys anything from us at said shows. You should care for the "Radio Disaster" compilation as it features songs from amazing bands like Smoke Or Fire, Outbreak, Bullet Treatment, The Deadly, The Soviettes, Bleeder Resistor, Teenage Bottlerocket, No Use For A Name, Broken Bones and an unreleased song by The Drips. Also, yours truly has a song on it called "Eyeliner" that talks trash on shitty scene kids who enjoy Revlon masacara. It’s rad.

Way #2: You can order the cd from THIS SITE, dummy! If you order it through us before October 25th, you'll get a FREE Grave For The Fireflies/Pirate Record Company Sticker & Button Pack! We love giving out free shit friends. Here's a link to get to our OFFICIAL online store because we know you're lazy like us.

Way #3: You can go to the amazing online punk rock record store known as . They have the cd for sale at the super punk rock price of $7.25! Holy shit. Perfect for you gutter punks. Wait a minute....gutter punks shouldn't have credit cards right? Whatever. Poor kids unite! Get it right here.

Way #4: Hot Topic will be carrying the cd also. We're not sure how much they'll be selling the cd for or if they'll actually be selling it early, but if you buy it from there and mail the receipt here and include a return address, we'll send you a Grave For The Fireflies/Pirate Record Company Sticker Pack and that Basement Records compilation "Radio Disaster: Volume 9" we just talked about, FREE. That's 30 punk rock tracks FREE plus other rad stuff! You won't even have to pay for shipping! Holy shit, we just turned into car salesmen.

Okay, on to other things. So, Rich (our guitar player/singer) was in this band called Cut Shallow along with our drummer Danny. Well, Rich decided to quit Cut Shallow and do Grave For The Fireflies full time and Danny decided to do Cut Shallow full time so we have a new AMAZING drummer by the name of David Hidalgo Jr. The guy is truly amazing, and we're glad he's part of the Death Kids family.
We're also about ready to write some new songs with Dave for a recording we'll be doing by the end of the year, which will be recorded and produced by Joby Ford of The Bronx, at his new studio. We should be recording that sometime in November, but the date is not a for sure thing. The recording will most likely be 4 to 5 songs and be released as a CDEP or a vinyl only 7 inch. Not sure yet on specific details (like who's going to put it out or what it's going to be called) but we'll keep you updated. All we can tell you is that we have some amazing ideas for it from the music to the artwork.

If you live in the Orange County/Los Angeles area, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for Grave For The Fireflies show flyers as they're bound to be collector's items. Although it's going to be a hard task to keep up because it has been so far, for every one of our shows we're having a specific artist work on flyers for us. We basically want all the flyers to look amazing and want them to be a special thing so look out for them. So far we've worked with Sean Rosenthal (former member of Adamantium and Farside and current member of Rebel Fever) on a few flyers, along with Luciano Rodriguez. We have a wish list of people we want to work with so keep your eyes peeled. Some amazing artwork is going to be out there for free. There's going to be a "Propaganda/Flyer Art" page added to this here site but nothing will be on it yet. We'll let you know when it's updated. Also, Chuck Dietrich (owner of Basement Records) designed 6 limited edition Grave For The Fireflies "Bitten" posters that'll be at record stores all over Southern California. Look out for those as they are truly amazing. We’ll be selling a poster set for a good price very soon on the online store. We'll keep you all updated on that as they'll be limited.

For those of you who in live in Orange County, we'll be playing a live set over the radio waves on October 25th (the night our cd comes out) on the KUCI radio show "Play It As It Lays" with host Sean Ziebarth at 10PM. That's 88.9 FM on the radio dial. I'm not sure if we're going to be interviewed but you should check it out anyway. Shit's going to be dangerous, gnarly and messy.
Also, if you haven't already, check out the newest issue of AMP Magazine (West Coast Edition) issue # 37 (September 2005) with Boys Night Out on the cover. If you check in the reviews section and look under the letter "G," you'll see a very appreciated and positive review of our album "Bitten." Rad. Pick it up at your local record stores and venues friends. It's FREE! To read the interview without getting inky zine fingertips, click here. We also added a good review from the infamous Ginger Coyote of fame to said page.
If you haven't already, you should really make a account (it's free) and you should definitely add us to your account. Let's be electronic internet friends. It's rad and is the best way to get the latest updates on our band in small doses rather than these large news updates such as this. Check out our profile at and befriend our asses. Also, we post songs up to stream (and sometimes even for free download) every now and then exclusively on our myspace page. So, if you're already a friend you'll be stoked to know that every other week up until when our cd comes out, we'll be posting a song to stream off our upcoming album "Bitten." So eventually, you'll be able to hear every single song at one point, exclusively on our myspace account! Amazing. So if you’re our friend already you're stoked. Otherwise, get on it and join!

BE AWARE: You may notice a video camera following us at shows, while we pass out flyers or when we're wheat pasting our logos on public property all over Orange County. Don't be afraid friends, as we're going to be shooting a lot of footage for a DVD/Documentary to be released someday in the distant future. Say hi to the camera if you see it as your grill may be featured on a DVD seen by the masses.
So as you can see, we have lots of things going on and even more in the works. Look out for another update here with information on how to be an official “DEATH KID”, a new GUILD tattoo campaign/page (we'll get into that later), new band pictures and much more exciting things.
If you read this far, we surely thank you.
See ya next time and be safe.

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Lots of new things going on right now. We'll bring you up to speed on some of the things that we mentioned on our last update first. So, like we mentioned before instead of releasing a 7 inch with Nervous Breakdown Records, we ended up releasing a full length with Basement Records because a tour opportunity came up (a whopping 1 date on the Warped Tour along with a West Coast tour through California, Washington and Oregon) and we thought it would be better to do a cd rather than a record because kids are shittier than ever nowadays and don't buy records so yeah, cd'ss are the way to go. That, and Nervous Breakdown Records weren't able to have the 7 inches out in time for the tour anyway, so yeah, we went with Basement Records because they were willing to do it all (have a cd out by the time the tour started). We kind of ate crow with the whole situation though because yeah, the cd's ended up not coming in from the manufacturer in time. So we went on our first tour without any kind of music whatsoever to sell. Yes, we deserved it but hey, we still fucking went. By the way, we should mention that the cd's not coming in on time had nothing to do with our record label. Chuck at Basement Records has been super fucking cool with us and did his end of the bargain by getting shit to the pressing plant on time. We ended up recording a week later than we should have and turned in the artwork later than we should have. All in all, we fucked ourselves but hey, we got the cd’s NOW and they sound and look great. Stoked.
About the West Coast tour. We had a rad time and would definitely consider it as a great first experience of touring, especially considering that we played the Warped Tour our first time out. Unfortunately our lead guitarist Richie and our drummer Danny couldn't make it on the tour, as they were touring the US with their other band Cut Shallow (we've mentioned this before but being redundant is rad sometimes). So we got Harris Eshan to fill in on lead guitar and Andrew Marks to fill in on drums. Both of them used to be in this Newport Beach metal/hardcore band called Hurry Up And Kill Yourself but now are in this instrumental band called Palais Royale. Check them both out. It was a crazy time though, considering we only practiced for a week before we hit the road. We wonder if we're the only touring band ever to have a 15 to 20 minute set? Yes, we're idiots but hey we had fun. Harris and Andrew are both really fucking good musicians and we salute them, (along with their buddy Eddie who roadied). We appreciate them for coming out and destroying shit from state to state. It was good times. We never thought we'd get to see some white dudes from Newport buy crank off a black vagrant on the streets of Portland but hey, you guys filled that dream for us. Thumbs up dudes. By the way, the shows were fun and Warped Tour was weird, but amazing at the same time. And yes, backstage, hours AFTER his band played, Gerard from My Chemical Romance did still wear his stage make-up and his bullet proof vest. Dude thinks he's 50 Cent or something. By the way, in Cottage Grove, Oregon we played at The Crow's Nest and more than half the crowd were employees of a near by carnival that was in town. Dude, you know you're punk rock when you look out and carni's are moshing to your shit. It brought a tear to all of our eyes.
Time to go into scummy salesman mode. So now, let us tell you about our new record. Well, it's going to be out NATIONWIDE on October 25th (that includes all Best Buy and West Coast Hot Topic locations). But check this out, you can buy the record and have it in your hands NOW. There's 3 ways.
#1 - If you know a member of the band, just ask and they’ll be able to sell you a copy.
#2 - Go to our shows (we’re taking a break from shows now, but will be up and running again in late September) or
#3 - Buy the fucker on our secure online store by clicking here. If you buy the cd through our online store before October 25th, you’ll get a FREE Grave For The Fireflies/Pirate Record Company sticker and button pack. Rad shit. Now do it. T-Shirts and zip-up hooded sweatshirts are also available at the online store.
Last thing, you'll notice some new pages and most pages on the menu list have been updated with new information. Check it out when you get a chance. There's also 2 free MP3's you can listen to and download off the "Bitten" album under the "Documents" page. There's also some new pictures under the "Evidence" page, and a rad record review by AMP Magazine under the new "Threats/Praises" page among other things.
So while we're on our break, we'll be booking a slew of October shows in celebration of our new albums release. We have some good ones coming up so keep your eyes peeled. Also, in a few months we'll be recording 3 new songs. We have some rad details about it but it's not all for sure so we can't share it just yet. But if things go as planned, we'll have a 3 song EP or a 7 inch for an early 2006 release and a rad producer who's going to work with us on recording it. As soon as shits for sure, we'll update this right away and let you know.
And for more current info on the band, always check our myspace page.
If you read this far, we thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Summer's here, and TONS of shit is going on over in the world of The Fireflies. First off, on our last update we previously reported that we had signed with Nervous Breakdown Records, a new Orange County punk hardcore label (which is an imprint of the street punk label Pelado Records). Well, last minute we ended up withdrawing from our agreement with the label, and decided to go ahead and release our debut with Basement Records (they've released amazing music by Bullet Treatment, a side project of The Bronx along with a band called Cut Shallow and Bleeder Resistor. We recommend you check out all said bands on that last sentence there).
We know what you're thinking, "why didn't the shit work out with Nervous Breakdown", right? If you don't care what happened, please scroll down to paragraph #3, conveniently numbered for you. If you want to know what happened, read on...
Here's what happened. Basically, the deal with Nervous Breakdown Records was that they offered to release a 7 inch with us this Summer (around August) and a full length sometime before 2006, which was great news to us at the time. Then a few weeks came along and we were invited to play the Warped Tour this Summer in July, so we thought "Shit! We're going on Warped Tour and we don't have any releases out. We need to get some kind of music out quick so the masses can rock out to us at home (and buy our shit on tour)".
So as you know, we're starving musicians and can't just pay for a release ourselves, so we hit up our then label Nervous Breakdown Records. They couldn't do it because it wasn't in their release schedule, and it was too short of notice, which is all definitely understandable. We were crazy to ask and we knew it. We thought we should ask around anyway, incase another label had the balls and was crazy enough like us, to try to pull this project off. That's where Basement Records stepped in.
#3 - Basement Records offered to do a full length with us, and promised to have them ready for us for our July tour on Warped (and other cities in the Oregon/Washington area). So of course we said yes, and got cracking at it. As of today, there's approximately 3 weeks before we leave for tour, and the record hasn't been recorded. Yes I confirm, we are fucking crazy and are definitely playing with fire here.
Tonight the artwork will be almost all completed by the honorable Paul Miner (ex-bass player of Death By Stereo who's worked on amazing cd layouts like The Distillers "Sing Sing Death House" record among others) who will be working off of some of John LaCroix's existing artwork/cd layout he did with us in the past. Side note: Mr. John LaCroix is the former guitar player of Boston Straight Edge heroes Ten Yard Fight, founder of Swindle Magazine and the director of The Explosion's music video for "Here I Am". Yes, he is a badass. Another thing about Mr. Paul Miner that we forgot to tell you is, he'll be mastering our record too. Yeah, he's some kind of wizard or some shit. He can do it all. Recording, mixing and producing the record, which happens next week at the beautiful Maple Studios in Santa Ana, California (where Eighteen Visions and Social Distortion recorded their last albums at), will be Sergio Chavez, who's more recent work has been with Underminded, Motorhead, Velvet Revolver, Tsunami Bomb, Death By Stereo, Limp Bizkit and shit loads more. The man is going to be famous.
So yeah, the album is on it's way and it's going to be 11 songs of desperate, pissed off punk hardcore. We named our baby "Bitten". Although the band will have copies of the cd on tour in the first week of July, the official release date of it won't be until October 25th, 2005. A perfect time for a birth, as Halloween will be creeping up. You know we're going to have some fun shows lined up in honor of all hallows, right?
So, that's the deal with our new upcoming full length album "Bitten", brought to you by Basement Records and co-released by our very own small/almost non-existent record label, The Pirate Record Company. REMEMBER: October will spawn a fucking monster of an album. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for "Bitten".
In other news friends, we're gearing up for our tour but we're telling you now, weird shit is going to happen. First off, half the band is in another band and won't be touring with us. Sad but true. They'll be on their own tour. Therefore, Grave For The Fireflies will have a touring band Nine Inch Nails style, which will now be referred to (amongst ourselves of course) as Grave For The Fireflies version 5.0. Deadend Jordan and Ms. Annia Castano will be with 2 strangers, bringing the dark punk rock sound of The Guild Of Thieves And Assassins all up the West Coast. We are rehearsing for said tour NOW. Shit will be sloppy, shit will be pissed off, but the shit will be real and rock and roll. The 2 mystery members names will be announced shortly. Keep it in your pants children.
In website news, you'll see that we added a few bands, labels and other interesting sites to the "More Guilty Parties" page. We should also note, that the new front page of the site was designed by Mr. Sean Rosenthal, for Within A Dream (an art company). Check them out. The man does amazing things.
Also, in our show section which we like to call "Death Kids Unite", you'll notice there isn't any shows posted. There's a reason for that. Dates and general info for our upcoming tour are changing everyday, so to keep said things more current and updated, please check out our myspace page which is approximate, and the most accurate to the moment source regarding our little band. And while you're at it, if you're not already, ask us to be your friend on myspace. Check out the page here.
Hopefully by the time you read this, our newest page titled "Past Shows", will be up. The reason for this page is........Um, I'm not exactly sure. We saw it on a few other bands' sites and liked it, so we ripped off the idea. Please note though, that we didn't keep record of all our shows until the newest incarnation of the band (with Richie and Danny), so yeah, from when they started playing shows with us and on, it will all be on the "Past Shows" page.
We'll be posting more information on "Bitten", along with the album cover, more pictures, merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies etc) and other rad things soon. Keep your eyes peeled friends.
If you've read this far, we certainly thank you.
Grave For The Fireflies

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Thanks for checking out our website again. We've been lame about updating this bastard lately but not much was going on until RECENTLY. Look around the site as we've added new pictures and little touch-up's here and there. So here's exactly what's up with us....
We'll start with the most exciting and important news of the day. We are proud to announce that we have been invited (and have excepted) to join the family of NERVOUS BREAKDOWN RECORDS. We're excited to say that by the end of 2005, we should have a 7 inch out and a full length record out. When we get more specifics on that, we'll definitely let you all know. To learn all about this new Southern California based punk hardcore label, check out their website at They want to do a lot of great things at the label, and we're fucking losing our minds that they have included us in their plans. A big round of applause from us to them. "The times they are-a-changing".
In our next piece of news, our NOW former guitar player and back-up singer (you know, the Freddy Kruegar look-alike with the child molester eyes) is most definitely out of our band. Was it on bad terms? You bet your ass. We're not going to lie about it. We're all about sharing our dirty laundry to those who actually care to hear it. The reasons why the guy was booted out of this here outfit are infinite and would downright give you nightmares, but we'll dare to let you all into a little of The Fireflies crazy world from the past 4 months.

To start off, the poor freak is a pathological liar. The things the geek fibbed about goes anywhere from the guy claiming he had Arnold Schwarzennegar's kid (like in that really bad movie "Junior") to him claiming the he's actually Marilyn Monroe trapped in a man-child's body. Crazy? Yeah, we think so. It doesn't end there. He claims he had sex with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the same time, which he's saying is the real reason the two were recently divorced. He claims to have proof too, as he swears he can identify a line on Brad Pitt's shaft that he definitely saw during intercourse. He also says that funnyman Will Ferell (yeah, the dude from "Elf") met up with him one night at his house (the boilerroom) and autographed a mirror for him in dust, and in exchange, our ex-guitar player gave him the complete second season of "Will And Grace" on DVD. Yeah, it's that bad and horrifying friends. More reasons we gave him the boot you ask? Here's some more: He quit the band every other month forcing us to cancel some important shows, cried after practices and probably wets his bed because he's the only living male virgin in the United States of America that's 22 years old. Wow. Plus the dude doesn't have a job or go to any kind of school to boot. Funny? No, crazy is more like it. Take a deep breath friends. We know it was a scary ride but we survived.

In other news, the freak's replacement on lead guitar and vocals is the multi-talented Richie Verdugo of Cut Shallow fame. We're glad to have him as part of the band as he's always been a great friend to us. The guy can sing. The guy can play some sick guitar. We're in love.
Our drummer Mr. Colin Strahm has also "resigned" from the band, but this was on the best of terms. We don't have one bad thing to say about Mr. Colin. He shreds on drums, learns fast, is a handsome fucking devil and a great friend. Basically, Colin was doing us a big favor by filling in on drums until we found someone else. Now, he's drumming full time for his band Jet Black Halo who you should keep you ear out for. They're out to destroy.

Which leads us to introducing our new drummer, Danny Baeza. Danny is a badass. Danny hits his drums hard. Danny is a member of Bullet Treatment and Cut Shallow. Danny's drums are the color of wood and finally, Danny truly completes Grave For The Fireflies.
We can't wait for everyone to hear the new line-up. We're a lot more pissed off all around, and have a lot more reasons to destroy shit.
We're booking shows, designing t-shirts, designing hooded sweatshirts, getting tatooed, buying more equipment and writing new songs for a 7 inch and a full length album all due out sometime 2005. Touring is also on our brains.
Look out for us friends. We're spreading.
-Grave For The Fireflies.